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About Treasures in My Heart
The Anthology with Vivian McBride-Crawley

Treasures in My Heart contains captivating accounts of transformation, hope and victory from 12
authors. It is a compilation commissioned by Minister, Author & Film Producer, Chris Scott. Scott wanted to gather the unique stories of these women in one book. She said, “I knew each of them individually, but they did not know each other, and yet privately they shared such powerful stories with me about their lives and their journeys and the lessons they have learned. I thought there has to be a way to put these incredible testimonies together to inspire others who are traversing difficulties in their own lives.”  That is when the idea of Treasures in My Heart became a reality. “We wanted others to know there is another side to challenge and that is change, growth and joy.” The book is the first compilation project for Scott, who is also the author of, Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts: Connecting the Dots to Your Purpose.


Many of the contributors have not been published until now.  The book contains a collection of soul-interrupting stories that highlight the triumph, faith and courage of 12 accomplished women who boldly overcame life-altering struggles and crippling challenges. Their stories have not been told until now. The book celebrates their ability to press forward, succeed and ultimately shine. Their collective wisdom and action will illuminate a path for readers to prevail.

The contributors are as diverse as their stories. They include author of several books, Geisha Samples,
Minister & Entrepreneur, Vivian McBride-Crawley, Minister & Radio Personality, Debbie Cook, Minister & Life Coach, Rosalind Ferrell, Entrepreneur & Life Coach, Samantha Samuels, Real Estate Professional, Sonjia R. Williams, United Nations Civil Servant & Philanthropist, Margy Otiato, Minister & Time Management Coach, Lori Adeoba, Licensed Therapist & Wellness Practitioner, Consuela Douglas, Registered Nurse & Motivational Speaker, Gina Ward-Vernon, Poet, Simone Black, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Non-profit Founder, La Tonya Klish-Polk.

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