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About Vivian McBride-Crawley

My Story


Vivian will share with you in the chapter of her first book "Treasures in My Heart" how to survive your own personal, professional, spiritual calamities. This book takes you on the journeys of 12 women who have triumphed!

Vivian McBride-Crawley is a Wife, Mother, Christian, Professional nurse with over 40 years of experience, Life coach, Lay Christian Counselor, Entrepreneur who at age 70 started her own Adult Daycare business caring for older adults with dementia and serving caregivers who require respite care.

Vivian also serves a ministry leader of three ministries at her church. She spend time learning Spanish, line dancing, visiting the sick & shut in at their homes or at the hospital when she isn’t working. Vivian is energetic, full of life, outgoing, kind, compassionate, honest, and genuine.

Vivian was born and raised in North Carolina and moved to California when she was a teenager. Acclimating to California from the south was very difficult due to extreme cultural and societal differences. With support of her strong, visionary mother, Vivian completed high school, college and became a professional nurse who served as a manager, supervisor in several health facilities. Vivian who had never been married, and no children , at age 40 met and married her husband in California and they are blessed with six children and fifteen grandchildren.

Vivian moved to Georgia which created another cultural shock, and took years of acclimating to the major change, especially the workforce.  Her spiritual connections were key in allowing Vivian to adapt and continue to grow in her faith and new life in Georgia.

Vivian McBride-Crawley tells it all in "Treasures in My Heart".  Order your copy!

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